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young girl yawning review
June 17, 2015 bosz

The William Platz exhibition Young Girl Yawning at Bosz Gallery was a runaway success.

The revisited 21st century “polaroid” is not the animal of the previous century. Platz’s polaroid Zombies lined up side by side, 50 in total, framed works were shot in a studio with models in front of a green background and superimposed onto images of a van and then re-photographed with FujiFilm FP – 100C/FP – 3000B. The aesthetics of the Polaroid were maintained with film layers visible within the framed artwork.

His 8 minute video paid homage to the historical and cultural 1968 cult classic “The Night of the Living Dead”.   Platz’ Barbra, was a model Skyped from London and superimposed into the van all the while lamenting in modified dialogue, the lack of candy. The moving landscape visible through the van’s windows is not 1968 Pennsylvania but 2015 Gold Coast which coincidentally is the artist’s home environment.

A variety of works were on display, apart from Polaroid and video there were unframed drawings on vellum and rice paper and framed drawings on linen, pulled from cast carbon fiber.

In all this was a cohesive 21st century exhibition that borrowed from the past and refashioned the Zombie genre with a futuristic expression.