Ross Woodrow
15 November To 3 December

An exhibition by Ross Woodrow exploring the aesthetic imperatives in the conquest and control of water.

In April 1917 the French artist, Marcel Duchamp, engineered a press scandal in New York by submitting a store-purchased urinal under the title of “Fountain” to an art exhibition. His only autographic contribution to the porcelain urinal was the addition of a painted signature, “R. Mutt.” Perhaps to insinuate the superiority of the European intellectual tradition, he justified this act of creative selection or readymade art with the statement: “The only works of art America has given [the world] are her plumbing and her bridges.”

In the series Waterworks, Woodrow takes a distinctly post-Duchampian and postcolonial perspective which pays due homage to the European tradition of the fountain without neglecting the Antipodean contribution to plumbing and aesthetics.

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