Mythologies, Icons and Archetypes

Sue Pickford
24 March To 11 April


Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours | Queensland College of Art, Griffith University
Postgraduate Diploma of Education | Griffith University
Associate Diploma of Fine Art | Queensland College of Art

Group exhibitions in Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland Regional Galleries, as well New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

International exhibitions:
Schondorf, Germany, Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Shanghai, China, Paris, France, Auckland, New Zealand, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Santiago, Chile, Hawaii, and Tokyo, Japan

Inaugural Diversity in Print Award Royal Queensland Art Society – Winner 2013
CPM National Print Awards – Highly Commended 2011
CPM National Print Awards – Selected 2009
RBWH 2000+ Art Venture Award Winner 2007
The Thiess Awards – Selected 2006
The Churchie Emerging Art Exhibition – Selected 2006|
Trevor Lyons Memorial Award Winner 2006
Harold Richardson Drawing Prize Royal Queensland Art Society –  Highly commended 2004


CPM – National Print Awards Tweed Regional gallery Murwillumbah NSW
Signatures Samford
Vie de Pacifique Central Library Brisbane
Diversity in Print Royal Queensland Art Society
Impressions Seven, BIA Gallery,Impressions Seven 4020
Vario +
Vie de Pacifique Redlands Museum Redland


Vie de Pacifique
Lust for Life
Southern Circles
Southern Circles

Impressions 6
CPM National Print Awards
The curious collector?

The curious collector ?
Impressions 5, Circle Gallery, South Brisbane
Pineapples Myrtle Street Studios Brisbane and Church Studio Tasmania
Paper Wood, Gallery, Kingaroy, QLD.