Post Meridian

Leisa Ryan
27-01-2015 To 14-02-2015

For most of my time as a painter, I’ve been lucky enough to live close to the interesting marine environments around Brisbane and I’ve never tired of making paintings from the elements found there. Not the usual picturesque or spectacular scenery but mangroves, wetlands and mud flats have always attracted me for their subtlety and particular low key beauty. They are teeming with life, but that life is often hidden and they are generally quiet, melancholy places. They are perfectly suited to slow, reflective looking.

 Subtle colour and tonal relationships are important in my work. I like to balance quiet passages with lively rhythms to try and achieve a sort harmony. I am trying to use a language of expressive marks to stand for parts of the landscape rather than make a copy of what’s there but observation is still the basis of it.

This show is a group of paintings of Moreton Bay, from Lota to Bribie Island, along with Wynnum, Nudgee Beach and Sandgate Lagoons. Some were painted plein air in the afternoon and others were made in the studio, but they all evoke afternoon light. The light at this time of day is constantly shifting and it is a challenge to capture the way it changes colour and form.

You are invited to meet the artist at the official opening  

Friday 30th January 6 – 8 pm.