Gwenn Tasker & John Doyle
15 To - 26 September

A year ago artists John Doyle and Gwenn Tasker went on a drawing expedition to a neglected stretch of the Brisbane River between its port and its airport. The initial fascination for both artists was the incredible shapes and textures of the industrial landscape, with its wabu sabi aesthetic of transience and imperfection. Both artists created reference drawings used to inform their work that has moved to a wider exploration of ports and their meaning.

Over the year that led up to this exhibition the focus of both artists shifted from the leviathan machinery of the grain and coal terminals, the container port and the gas pipe jetty that originally caught their imagination to the passage of ships along the river. These compositions have come from the longing of setting off for somewhere different. With their confident handling of materials both artists have used this period of intense study to make works that have the capacity to communicate their exploration of landscape and of journeys.