The Islands

John Doyle & Gwenn Tasker
7 - To 25 March 2017

The inspiration for the show arose from the exploration of the histories of some of the 300+ islands of Moreton Bay. It set the artists on a journey of observing and appreciating the landscape, weather, flora and fauna and lifestyle of island communities. It is impossible to ignore the central role that islands hold in the current political landscape and how this highlights deep cultural and social divides.

Islands are  powerful metaphors as much as they are physical locations in the human imagination. Island stories are popular in film, literature and philosophy – Treasure Island,  South Pacific, St Helena, Island of Doctor Moreau, Utopia and Lord of the Flies all provide examples. They provide a context to explore the best and worst of human nature, the allure of a better life or a new self, to play with ideal societies and explore political ideas.

Holding the physical and metaphorical in tension, this exhibition explores the idea of islands as sites of utopian, dystopian and other metaphorical ideas. It also aims to connect with the physical reality of islands.