Connect / Disconnect

Kenneth Beck
4 - To 22 October 2016

Kenneth Beck investigates the events that bring people together but can also isolate like picnics, playing music, workplaces and technologies.

 Connect/Disconnect explores the tensions that lie between people and objects and the spaces they inhabit. Kenneth lives and works in Fortitude Valley and his art is a social commentary on life in this zone

However Beck is not interested solely in social commentary. Of equal importance is his complex method of working in reverse evolution, beginning with digital sketches that he then resolves to make organic by mixing substrates and pushing compositional traditions. Combining a deliberate naïve flatness with deep and vivid colours, he illuminates both subject and process, and provides relief from his heavily didactic figurations. In doing so, he preserves the inherent dignity of the people he observes, creating thoughtful snapshots of society that gently question people’s motivations, without ever casting judgements on the answers he intuits.