Beyond Sound

Ali Bezer
25 October To 14 November

Centuries before antennas and amplifiers have been used to detect radiowaves beyond Earth’s atmosphere, the idea that sound occurred in outer space arose through Classical philosophies. Pythagoras’s concept of the ‘Music of the Spheres’ (6th Century BC) seems to be the first theory about what sounds might exist in space. He hypothesized that the Sun, the moon and the planets all produced harmonious tones as they rotated through some sort of cosmic ether.

Today, we are able to hear cosmic radiation that stems from the Sun and other stars in interstellar space and bounce between the planets in the Solar System. These radiowaves manifest as hissing, crackling, pealing, popping and deep droning sounds within radio receivers. These types of cosmic signals are far noisier than Pythagoras anticipated. The works of art that I have created and presented in this exhibition signify my visual interpretation of noisy star radiation that travels through interstellar space.