Paula Quintela & Kathy Hermosilla-Silva in front of the epic assemblage, "Alamedas".

Honorary Consul for Chile opens art exhibition.

Mrs Kathy Hermosilla-Silva opened “Life in Paraná Road” an exhibition of works by Chilean born artist, Paula Quintela.

The Honorary Consul gave an interesting and informative insight into the history and geography and life of the people in Chile.  She spoke of the artist’s personal journey and of memories, friends and belongings that were left behind long ago but reawakened by a recent trip back to her birthplace and ancestral home.    

Here the artist discovered old faded photographs of family members that she had never met but that helped form a link to her own journey of self discovery. The result of this journey is tangible in the exquisitely detailed and crafted works that Paula has assembled over the past two years. 

One particular series in this exhibition,  consists of seven extraordinary dioramas that interpret a poem  by the Nobel winning prize Chilean poet-diplomat, Pablo Neruda. Another series consist of 72 gilded wooden boxes that contain photographic images from the artist’s past with some enhanced by miniature figurines. 

Paula Quintela  “Life in Paraná Road”  continues at Bosz Gallery until  2nd May.