Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin at Bosz Gallery

Bosz Gallery was in overdrive with excitment to have such an eminent art historian and author open Sue Pickford’s exhibition.

Dr Grishin is a leading Australian art historian, art critic and curator who has published some twenty books and over two thousand articles on various aspects of art. Most recently he published a comprehensive and definitive history of Australian art.   Australian Art: A History provides an overview of the major developments in Australian art, from its origins to the present.

He says of Pickford’s work: “The Brisbane-based artist, Sue Pickford, is primarily a storyteller. In her detailed and immaculately worked relief prints, she weaves a narrative, one which in its style and language has the outer semblance of an old master print, but whose inner essence deals with very contemporary themes, including domestic violence, civil rights and multiculturalism.

Sue Pickford’s prints are visually attractive and they simultaneously attract the eye while they engage the intellect. However, they are not a form of visual confetti and on closer investigation they reveal themselves as subversive images, frequently informed by a feminist perspective.