Stephen Hobson

Watching, Waiting
2 - To 20 June

I have been painting and drawing mythopoetic figures situated in semi-fictional landscapes for over forty years. These predominately include works that ruminate on notions of ‘home’ (where the heart resides) and images of conflict and trauma.

To be more specific, for a decade and more I have placed myself as a totemic rabbit within the landscape. These anthropomorphic self-portraits challenge the masculine identities projected onto the nature of the rabbit, through its use in making bush hats, and the rabbit’s denigration in Australia as a European pest. The pictures note the ways in which rabbits  (and hares) have traditionally been seen as sacrificial figures and their inherent capacity to watch and wait.

The recent work extends these concerns, by focussing on conflict, watching and waiting. They explore the knowing and not knowing that can be central to what we see; the gap between bearing witness, yet not witnessing what we know.