Sonya Kelly

02-09-2014 To 23-09-2014

Sonya Kelly is a renowned jewellery designer and manufacturer specializing in creating modern treasures for jewellery lovers of all ages.  Sonya has featured in a number of exhibitions in Western Australia and Victoria showcasing her unique style. She is now exhibiting in Queensland for the first time exclusively at Bosz Gallery.  

Sonya’s incredibly diverse designs illustrate the evolution of jewellery making across the ages. The collections range from rings fused together without solder, gnarled and twisted in the brutish way of medieval times through to Edwardian pomp and glamour and softly arriving at today’s sleek take on classic styles. Precious and semi-precious gems are sourced from home and abroad. Pearls from our southern oceans and far seas become the centrepiece of unique creations that are the inspiration for her designs.

Bosz Gallery was proud to showcase Sony Kelly’s jewellery exclusively in her 2014 September exhibition, Temptress.   We invite you come and view her extraordinarily beautiful and unique art pieces.

A small exclusive selection of Sonya’s jewellery is always on display in the gallery.