Ross Woodrow

Tattoo Salon
01-08-2014 To 29-08-2014

Professor Ross Woodrow

BA (Qld.) MPhil (Syd.) PhD (Syd.)

Director, Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research

Deputy Director, Research and Postgraduate

Queensland College of Art 


Ross Woodrow established his early career in Queensland as a painter of challenging suburban themes. He continues to make images across a range of media but has developed a national and international reputation for theoretical and practical work on image analysis including digital images.

His particular interest in popular images encompasses racial representation and the history of physiognomy.

In August 2014, Woodrow held a solo exhibition for the inaugural opening of Bosz Gallery, titled ‘Tattoo Salon”.

In the exhibition catalogue forward Professor Pat Hoffie, concludes that ….” As an art historian, Woodrow is conscious that much is lost when symbols are ripped from their cultural ballast and used with illiterate abundance. And while he is cognizant that today’s tattoos do little to anchor the body of the wearer into a deeply understood cultural, historical and cosmological framework, he is also mindful that such images can bear rich harvests of cultural understanding, capable of unlocking a great deal of what lies beneath the surface of the cultural skin that wraps around each of us.”