Paula Quintela

14 APRIL To 2 MAY . Exhibition extended to 15 May. Viewing by appointment: Call gallery 0410301455 or call artist 0431256719

Her current work explores the cultural experiences and connections between time, migration and memory.

In my journey as an artist, I have always been fascinated by Nature. As a result of living in strikingly different regions of the world, I have expressed this fascination in various ways. Three elements recur clearly and vigorously throughout my work: the Water, the Air and the Earth, with, usually, one element overtaking the others, in accordance with the characteristics of the location in which I am living at that moment. From the strong and dark oceans of South America to the textures of the Canadian forest; from the starry sky of the Atacama Desert to the mountainous Santiago city and recently to the tropical forests of Australia, I draw my imagery.