Lynden Stone

Objects that keep us in place
05-11-2014 To 30-11-2014

Objects that keep us in place | Lynden Stone

Lynden Stone is a full time artist and arts educator.
She teaches painting and drawing at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Her primary practice is in painting, but she also makes videos and installations.  Her recent works investigate how visual art can enable a viewer to doubt conventional reality.

For her current body of work Objects that keep us in place: artefacts of consciousness, Lynden asks the question, if consciousness plays a role in affecting or even creating material reality, why, then, do we generally agree on a seemingly discrete, objective reality?

Might material objects help us define and hold us to , buttress, or confirm, a particular idea of reality: a material reality that might be more dynamic that we think?

In a series of portraits and self-portraits, Lynden represents the individual via only material objects.  Her video Smashes, self-portraits and small collage works provide a forensic record of her own deliberate metaphoric and actual reconfiguration of material reality.  And the puzzle-tile pieces in the series my father’s girlfriends – a parallel alternative set in tongue-in-groove fames, are re-arrangeable narratives.