Kenneth Beck

28 July To 15 August

Kenneth Beck explores the way people interact throughout the urban  sites he inhabits, the way society connects and alienates at the same time  and how nature is nurtured or neglected. He explores that tension in his mark making through digital and organic means according to the subject he visits.

Beck explores colour and its relationship with the world around him. Cultural phenomena and social norms are explored in his works; these are not judgments but observation. People lining up at cafes, the chaos of live music, contemplative states, all make up his sense of wonder about how people interact with the environments they move in.

Beck’s fascination for colour is steeped in the colourfield tradition of artists such as Rothko, Frankenthaler and Rauschenberg.


Kenneth is having his second exhibition  ” Connect / Disconnect “ with Bosz Gallery  4 – 22 Oct. 2016