Glenda Orr

of droughts and flooding rains
17-02-2015 To 28-02-2015

Glenda Orr majored in printmaking and drawing at high school but then pursued careers in science and natural resource policy, before returning to art practice fulltime in 2002. During the 1990’s Orr’s key focus was on water management policy. Currently, she is a practicing artist and has also tutored in art theory at Griffith University, Brisbane, where she was awarded a First Class Honours degree in Fine Arts in 2007.

Orr’s art choices are usually stimulated by a synergy of ideas and materiality – a word matches a found object that matches a concept – albeit with idiosyncratic links. The final form of exploring these synergies varies – most often the journey ends in a fabricated installation, artists’ book or etching. She primarily explores the territory between nature and culture, and the novel insights that come from the interplay of the two perspectives. She is intrigued by the social and environmental implications of obsolete objects (such as sprinklers ) and their link to the legacy of the past in the contemporary Australian context.

2016     Best Etching Award – Diversity in Print Award 2016, Royal Queensland Art Society, (RQAS), Brisbane, Q1d

Glenda’s new exhibition: Wood Land Log, opens 5  – 17 July, 2016