Dylan Jones

23 June To 11 July


In Australia artists have always drawn inspiration from the country’s unique landscape. Indigenous Australians pioneered this tradition approximately 30,000 years ago. The land was fundamental to all facets of their lives including the arts, spirituality and cultural rites. This practice has extended throughout English Settlement up until the present day. Artists such as Eugene von Guerard, Russel Drysdale, Clarice Beckett and Arthur Streeton committed themselves to portraying the Australian landscape from a diverse range of viewpoints and artistic styles.

As an emerging Australian artist I feel it is essential to add to and extend upon this rich history. Tainted will move beyond my past body of work Hardwired. It will expose and pay homage to the in-between, to the less glamorous side of the landscape, that which is usually seen as unworthy of artistic attention. The focus will placed be on introduced species and their often-destructive nature – a focus that I hope will force viewers to re-evaluate their own place in the Australian landscape.