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Woodrow takes a distinctly post-Duchampian and postcolonial perspective which pays due homage to the European tradition of the fountain. His move to remove paper from the equation led to the evolution of the embossed aluminium technique, which opened up the possibilities to create objects that don’t comfortably meet a singular definition as printmaking, sculptural fabrication or craft. Opening night drew gasps and plaudits for the amazing, beautiful, complex and ingenious creations that juxtaposed utilitarian copper pipes beneath the delicately embossed silver fountains.

Ross says “I wanted to evoke the profligate folly in the idea of the fountain but also to invert Duchamp’s selection of plumbing as the most remote polarity of non-art.”

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Bosz Gallery opened 2016 with works by figurative artist, Adolphe Piche.

Superb, delicate and beautiful watercolour nudes by Adolphe Piche kicked off the 2016 art calendar. Piche trained at the Paris Academy and makes his own paints using the formula taught to him by a school master. This photo of Adolphe Piche and Archibald winner Wendy Sharpe was taken this past weekend at an art event in Brisbane. Wendy awarded Adolphe with the Queensland Figurative Art Prize in 2014. Adolphe’s exquisite works can be seen in his current exhibition “Colours of our skin” at Bosz Gallery until Saturday, 12th March.

Dream Garden

This December Bosz Gallery and artist, Ellie Nielsen have joined forces to raise some much needs funds for Angel’s orphanage. Bosz Gallery will be donating a percentage of sales to The Angel Orphanage and a special collection of Ellie’s small colourful works will be offered at very affordable prices for this purpose.  

Special openings:   Fri 11 Dec  6 – 8pm

                               &  Sat 12 Dec  2 – 4 pm  

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William Platz is an American-Australian artist, educator and writer. He lectures in Drawing at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. His previous academic appointment was in the Fine Art department of the Southwest University of Visual Arts in New Mexico. Dr Platz is a member of the International Neosymbolist Collective which exhibits in the United States, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

He is also the co-convenor of the the drawing research project Drawing International Griffith and regularly exhibits his work and publishes his writing in the United States and Australia. Recent projects include the International Drawing Annual (INDA8) chapter ‘Drawing Live’, the exhibition of contemporary Australian prints and drawings Body Politic in Philadelphia, and curating the exhibition Drawing {A,B} in Brisbane.

Paula Quintela & Kathy Hermosilla-Silva in front of the epic assemblage, "Alamedas".

Mrs Kathy Hermosilla-Silva opened “Life in Paraná Road” an exhibition of works by Chilean born artist, Paula Quintela.

The Honorary Consul gave an interesting and informative insight into the history and geography and life of the people in Chile.  She spoke of the artist’s personal journey and of memories, friends and belongings that were left behind long ago but reawakened by a recent trip back to her birthplace and ancestral home.    

Here the artist discovered old faded photographs of family members that she had never met but that helped form a link to her own journey of self discovery. The result of this journey is tangible in the exquisitely detailed and crafted works that Paula has assembled over the past two years. 

One particular series in this exhibition,  consists of seven extraordinary dioramas that interpret a poem  by the Nobel winning prize Chilean poet-diplomat, Pablo Neruda. Another series consist of 72 ...READ MORE


Bosz Gallery was in overdrive with excitment to have such an eminent art historian and author open Sue Pickford’s exhibition.

Dr Grishin is a leading Australian art historian, art critic and curator who has published some twenty books and over two thousand articles on various aspects of art. Most recently he published a comprehensive and definitive history of Australian art.   Australian Art: A History provides an overview of the major developments in Australian art, from its origins to the present.

He says of Pickford’s work: “The Brisbane-based artist, Sue Pickford, is primarily a storyteller. In her detailed and immaculately worked relief prints, she weaves a narrative, one which in its style and language has the outer semblance of an old master print, but whose inner essence deals with very contemporary themes, including domestic violence, civil rights and multiculturalism.

Sue Pickford’s prints are visually ...READ MORE

Small Works

Small Works

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